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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Homeowner takes header in backyard-

Sorry, no film at 10.

But it would have been an exciting bit of film if you happened to catch it with your video camera!

So, yesterday afternoon, after dinner, and before heading out to do some shopping with the BSU, I went out to the shop and brought out my B1-RD fuel barrel so I could refill the fueling stations. One of the fueling stations is low enough to the ground that I can reach it, even with my stubby little legs, from the ground. And I filled that one uneventfully and then went to fill the big fueling station that sits atop a 4X4 pressure treated post. To reach this elevated fueler I have to lean a metal lawn chair against the post and stand on the chair's seat.

That's what I was doing when the post decided it had stood quiet sentry duty in my backyard long enough and decided it was time for a break- which it did; right at ground level, it broke off. It went down, and downhill too, the chair tipped over and this homeowner went tumbling out of the chair and downhill too! I managed not to break any bones or injure myself in the rather low-speed tumble but the plastic feeder (a new one) and the post didn't fair as well.

The post rotted off right at ground level. Its only been in the ground 8 years so I can't imagine why it was rotted through already… The feeder is repairable and I'll put it back into service just as soon as I can put in a new post, in my spare time…

And just to put the final bit of humiliation on the circumstance, the BSU was watching the entire episode over the fence, waiting for me to finish so we could go to Wally World!

For the uninitiated- B1-RDs are what I call the ever changing squadron of sparrows, finches, chickadees and similar birds that I try to keep fed and safe from harm at the claws of my cat Uinta.

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